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Through my travels and experience (and love of massage), I have had close to 200 massages, of a variety of types, from all over the world (literally). And I am impressed with Austin Ahern. He has healing hands. I would have to rate him in the TOP 7-8% of the middle to high end/cost spas I have frequented in LA, Las Vegas and New York, and in the top 4-5% of therapists I have seen internationally. I just moved to Santa Cruz and was dreading "the search" for a great therapist because it can be very time consuming and frustrating finding a quality person. As life would have it - I was directed toward his path and immediately felt at ease. I just had a selfish thought (shame on me) - such a rave review may make it harder for me to get an appointment with Austin. I'll take my chances. He is fantastic and should be reviewed accordingly. - Jessica

I received a safe, relaxing and comfortable session with Austin. Really, it was more like a very pleasant, unexpected journey into healing of my tired and sore muscles and tendons. I was in need of professional bodywork with heart and that's the level of care I was given by Austin. This "journey" transformed all my tensions into calm, centered aliveness. I left feeling better than I had in a long time~ in my body, mind and spirit~ All of my being was working in harmony and I was able to be fully present for the rest of my day. What a truly empowering gift this was for me. I am still benefiting from the effects of this session. I am so happy that I found the Chien Center and Austin. - Dawni

If you are looking for a highly skilled massage therapist with wonderful energy, you need to look no further than the Chien Center and Austin Ahern! I just got an amazing massage from him, and I will definitely be back for more. I have been wanting to find a practitioner that I could get regular monthly massages from, and I have found him. His technique is very professional and his presence instantly puts you at ease. The whole experience was incredibly relaxing and nurturing... everyone deserves this kind of a quality massage experience! - Meghan

Where do I begin? The office is warm, calming and so inviting. I was given a gift certificate for Christmas and was recently in an auto accident. I tried a few chiropractic treatments but decided the massage would be better. Oh my gosh; better? To my amazement it was the best massage I have ever received. Trust me when I say I've had many massages over my 57 years on this planet. I've tried international health spas, hotel spas, schools, and I can say without a doubt my experience with Austin Ahearn was by far the best. As soon as I left his office, I called my friend who had given me the gift and gushed. I highly recommend Austin. - LeeAnn

I love the care and love I receive at Chien Center. From the moment I walk in, there is a special peace in the air; after I'm greeted with such a warm smile, the experience begins. With Austin's nurturing touch, I am transported into an incredible healing space. His work is intuitive, skilled, and his hands listen in the most amazing way to what my body needs. As a woman, it is an incredible gift to find a male practitioner who has such a professional and trustworthy attitude and etiquette. I feel totally safe in his presence, and it allows me to go very deep with his work. I can confidently say that he is one of the best practitioners in the area! - Vladi

I went to Chien Center because I have had a headache for 3 weeks. I really enjoyed the massage and especially the long strokes that Austin uses. He managed to work thru my tense muscles without digging in at them or leaving me sore. My headache is much better and my back is relazed for the first time in weeks. From the moment I stepped in the door, it was evident that a great deal of effort was put into creating a calm pleasant environment. Thanks Austin. - Yvette

Chien Center is the BEST! I met them at the Business Showcase 09 and decided to give them a try. My expectations were exceeded and then some to be sure. The bodywork practitioner not only has superb customer service skills but has the rare ability to place the customer first. In this day when you feel that that is ancient history, it's refreshing. Most of all, the bodywork worked, it lasted for days, vs. a mere couple of hours. The ambiance and willingness to make the session, atmosphere, and a Client's special needs were great. A Plus! - Janey

This is a great place to go when you want to put energy back in your life. As soon as you walk in, you feel a quiet, at home ambience to the Center. I sense that Austin hears and understands me when he asks me what areas I would like him to concentrate on. That is such a rarity to find in the busy lives we live and is a real secret to the great results you can expect. Three things at the Center that are my favorites: one, the continuous full body strokes that Austin uses in his massages; they send me over the moon, two, his foot massages; your feet will feel like they have died and gone to heaven, and three, the free bottle of water. - Karen