Chien Center
Chien Center

Qigong and Movement Arts

Chien Center offers workshops and individual instruction in several movement forms - primarily Qi movement arts (Qigong or Chi Kung). Qigong can be loosely translated as “energy skill” and describes sets of meditation, movement and breathing exercises that clear blockages, increase circulation and bring about positive changes in the overall health of the practitioner’s body, mind and spirit.

Western research has shown that these types of exercises lower blood pressure, increase stamina, increase bone density, improve immune function and heighten mood states, as well as providing many other benefits.

The Taoist Eight Treasures

The Taoist Eight Treasures is an ancient Qigong set that provides a comprehensive system for achieving optimum health and well-being. Eight Treasures consists of 32 individual movements that address all areas of the physical and energy bodies. There is also a short form which is simple to learn and practice.

Cosmic Tour Bagua

Cosmic Tour is a unique Qi cultivation practice based on walking meditation and circular movement. It is extremely easy to learn, contributes to all around health and brings about a profound sense of well being.

Individual Practices

There are many single Qigong exercises that can address specific physical conditions, and help balance the emotions. Included by request with any bodywork session is basic instruction in breathing, movement and meditation techniques tailored to your specific needs.